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Peyton Bainbridge |  Lead Designer

Peyton has a focus on traditional, contemporary, eclectic, and minimalist design. Raised in the South, Peyton is highly fond of antiques and incorporates them into her designs, wherever possible.

Peyton first became curious about art and furnishings as a small child through her late grandfather, an avid antique collector. The two had a Friday night routine together, which was an early supper at Galatoire’s, then walking the nearby antique stores in the French Quarter after hours to window shop.

Peyton would also tag along with him to auction galleries in New Orleans. When auction preview catalogs would arrive in the mail, together, Peyton and her grandfather would sit together in the parlor and he would teach her about how to differentiate between different periods and styles of furniture.

As she grew older, those two pastimes shared with her grandfather became more than just special weekend routines; it became a passion. Peyton would often accompany her grandfather on antiquing trips throughout Europe where they toured galleries and design shops.

It was on one such trip to Germany in where she knew she wanted to pursue a career in the field of design. Upon returning, Peyton went back to school to obtain her degree. Shortly thereafter, she moved to Nashville to start her own interior design business. While she enjoyed her time there, she longed for the classic New Orleans architecture and returned to her hometown.

Emerson Carville | Junior Designer

Building on her five years of college internships in luxury event design and coordination, Emerson decided to concentrate on her passion for interior design.

Raised surrounded by the special beauty of New Orleans, encouraged by her art-obsessed mother and friends, Emerson deepened her knowledge of and appreciation for antiques, fine art, interior design and architecture. She formally studied photography and art history throughout her education, as well as in Paris and Barcelona.

Emerson believes homes should be filled with the joy beauty bestows. She brings that intense curiosity, excitement and awe for beauty across the world and multiple mediums to her home designs.  

As Peyton’s Junior Designer, you will work closely with both Emerson and Peyton throughout your project.

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