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Interior Design & Decorating Process

We take care of everything for you. Design projects are complex. Picking the right fabrics, finishes, and furnishings is hard enough. Then there’s managing all the moving parts that make it all come together in your home. And that’s not even accounting for challenges that can and do come up along the way!

For those who have not yet worked with an interior designer, here is a brief description of what our design process will look like together. Steps 1-3 will remain the same whether your project is design or decorating related. 


Initial Call

After you submit your form, call us, or e-mail us directly, we will call you to get information about where your project is, what you need help with, and find a time where we can meet on-site to get a better idea of the scope of the project.


Design Concept

We send a vision board with hand-picked items for each room to get an idea of what you like. Then we make a detailed plan complete with floor plans, layouts, fabrics, finishes, fixtures. This step goes back and forth a few times until we find the exact pieces you like. During this stage, feel free to text items you find in town or online while we work on getting the design together. This stage will go back and forth a few times until everything is selected.

Consultation Meeting


We’ll meet with you in your home for up to 1 hour to see the space in person to assess what needs to be done and be able to determine a budget. If you don’t have one in mind, we will be suggesting one anyway. The fee for this meeting is $250.



We’ll handle everything for you, from placing orders, to receiving deliveries in our warehouse to handling any issues that arise along the way. Any custom upholstery, pillows, and window treatments are now in production. Calls to vendors for quotes, etc. are made. We prepare a spreadsheet to keep track of the budget and delivery dates. After a week or so of this point, we will have abetter idea to estimate an installation date.


Project Proposal

2-3 days after your consultation, we will send you a project proposal. This proposal is a contract with the scope of the project written in it to let you know exactly what it will take to achieve your goals for your home, as well as the proposed design fee for you to review. We will make edits to the contract as needed. If we move forward with the project, the initial consultation fee is waived. 



Depending on the project scale, our design team will spend 1-5 days installing all the art, furnishings, and accessories in your home. This includes removing any packaging and debris from the home. Many clients ask if you should be there during the installation; it is not necessary. There will be a lot of moving parts throughout the installation, which is a perfect time for you to go run errands or do something fun for yourself while you wait to come home to your new home!

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