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Each project begins with an on-site consultation to assess the clients project scope. During our meeting, we will go over your project needs together, and discuss your budget. As we prefer to ensure all is to perfection from the perfect main furnishings down to accessories and bespoke pieces, we find that fixed fees work best. Experience has shown us that it is difficult to document the extreme attention to detail our job takes by the hour.

During the initial design consultation, Peyton will visit you at your home on-site for up to one hour. 


Hourly rates are available on a case-by-case basis; typically for clients who need general problem solving advice with certain aspects of design, but don't necessarily require an entire project. We will determine during the consultation whether fixed fee or hourly works best for the individual clients needs. 

Click below to see the steps your project will go through throughout the process.


Full service design packages:

These full-service design packages are for clients who want to redecorate their home, or start over from the beginning. The brief descriptions below will be elaborated on during our consultation, and are meant to be general highlights of what you can expect to receive service wise. 

ROOM BY ROOM RE-DECORATE This package is for clients who have one or multiple rooms to redecorate/refresh. This may mean just switching up some pieces, updating lighting, window treatments, rearranging art, adding wallcoverings, fresh paint, or upholstery. Overview: -Furnishing selections and ordering -Art curation -Wallcoverings -Floor coverings -Lighting selection and installation -Window treatment selection and installation -Rearranging current furnishings

COMPLETE HOME DECORATING This package is for clients who want to completely redecorate their home, or have just moved and have tired over their furnishings over the years and want to start over.

OUTDOOR DECORATING This package is for clients who need assistance selecting new outdoor furniture, redoing an entire outdoor space (furnishing or remodel) or are seeking simple advice for landscaping options. Peyton will work with you to make your space beautiful.

DESIGNER FOR A DAY This service provides you with expert guidance from us. Examples of this services are choosing complementary paint colors for cabinets and walls, hardware, grout, lighting, plumbing finishes, furniture layout suggestions, and color schemes. -Space planning ideas -Guidance for kitchen and bath design -Sourcing of various finishes & furnishings -Paint color selections regarding walls and cabinetry -Wallcovering ideas We will assist you with parts of the project that you may find especially overwhelming and to help you avoid making costly mistakes. This service is charged hourly. This service does not include -Procurement -Direct contacts to our upholsterers, subcontractors, or vendors -Shopping for specific retail furniture -Any renderings or drawings

AIR BNB DECORATING Peyton will select lighting, furnishings, art, floor coverings, and window treatments for the space depending on your budget. She will also give you advice on remodeling selections if you plan to complete this aspect on you rown.

We handle absolutely everything for you, while keeping you updated throughout the process so that you can tend to your everyday life without stress.


Full service design packages:

These packages center around making your remodeling project a breeze. While we keep you updated, our goal is to handle any issues that arise so that you don't have to worry about them. 

ROOM BY ROOM REMODEL This package is for clients who want to renovate one or more spaces, specifically kitchen and bath.

INTERIOR REFRESH OR MINOR RENOVATION This package is for clients who do not want to entirely remodel, but need help selecting: -hardware -finishes -wallcoverings -cabinetry options -paint selections -plumbing selections

EXTERIOR REFRESH OR RENOVATION This package is for clients who are looking to renovate certain outdoor areas of their home -adding or re-designing a pool -kitchen -bath -front and rear spaces -driveways


NEW CONSTRUCTION For new construction homes, Peyton will help you select lighting, plumbing, cabinetry, countertops, door hardware, and interior and exterior paint colors choices. Whether you are a new build or simply renovating, Peyton will meet with you to select lighting, plumbing, cabinetry paint colors, barstools, and vanities.

DESIGNER FOR A DAY Assist with fixed element selections for new builds we would include hardwood flooring, floor/wall tiles, countertops, bathroom or kitchen plumbing fixtures, and sometimes lighting. In addition, we can choose complementary paint colours for cabinets and walls, as well as hardware, grout, and lighting. This does not include -Direct contact information to our vendors, installers, or subcontractors as they work directly through us. We do not give out specific sources as to where to shop for lighting, hardware, cabinetry, and window treatments.

Issues are going to come up in any home re-fresh or renovation. The difference with utilizing an experienced interior designer is that we deal with all of the details and issues for you so that you don't have to!


Below are the general services that we offer:

LIGHTING REFRESH Lighting has the ability to completely transform a room. Whether you are in the new build process and need to select lighting for the space, or simply want to update a room, Peyton will meet with you and help you achieve the perfect lighting for your space.

FURNITURE & FABRIC SELECTION Sometimes a room can be updated simply by reupholstering current pieces or adding custom pillows. Peyton will meet with you and help you select beautiful fabrics but most importantly, textures that fit the purpose of the piece.

TILE, PAINT & PLUMBING We will help select plumbing fixtures, paint colors, tile, lighting for the space.

ART PROCUREMENT Art placement is critical in completing a space. The wrong placement can look confusing, and take away from the beauty of a space.

WALL-COVERINGS & WAINSCOTING Wallpaper is back! We will help select wallpaper for you as well as the paint colors that will complement.

WINDOW TREATMENTS Just like lighting, the perfect window treatments have the power to transform a space. Peyton will meet with you to determine which window treatment the space calls for, then select the corresponding fabrics, pleating and trims.

FULL MOVING SERVICES Have Peyton and her assistants schedule movers and oversee the entire process without you having to pack one box or make a phone call. Everything will be move in ready down to your internet and cable set-up. This applies for local and long-distance moves.



COLLEGE DORMS Peyton decorates for your new little ones up to your children’s rooms to your college goers. Whether you want a bedroom for your children that will transition for years, or every other year to change as your little one grows.


Peyton took her time to understand what we were looking for and guided us through the entire process with ease. Her eye for space planning is unmatched and as a result we gained valuable square footage. When we had ideas she was not only open to listening, but encouraged us share any ideas we had. I also appreciated that she pushed us towards better ideas and more fun decor when we had the chance. We highly recommend her.


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