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Housewarming Gift Guide

Nothing says welcome to the neighborhood or congratulations like a well thought out gift to help turn a house into a home. At Peyton Bainbridge Interiors we always make sure to leave our clients with something to thank them for their support that enhances the already beautiful space we’ve created together. Here is our list of the best housewarming gifts that are both beautiful and useful. This list is comprised of gifts that will fit into any home, regardless of the style, that will actually get good use. Use the links provided to order online or, for our local New Orleanians, we have provided local stores.

Nest Soap + Candles

Perfect for the practical friend

One of our favorite gifts, Nest Soap is practical and elevates any powder room or kitchen. We love to tell our clients Nest can turn the most mundane task into a spa experience. Not to mention Nest caries candles and diffuser reeds in matching scents to truly transform any space with the ultimate aromatic experience. And the best part – nest offers uniquely colored products for each scent, making it easy to personalize your gift.

Pro Tip: look out during the holidays for Nest gift sets and limited time packaging!

Shop local: Blue Mercury (Lakeside Mall, Magazine st.), Saks Fifth Avenue (Canal Place)

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